Traditional shingle roof in University City

Traditional shingle in North America usually stands for asphalt roofing solutions. It is not a secret that asphalt is the most widespread material Americans chose for their roofs. And obviously there’s a reason for that. Since asphalt shingles are relatively cheap and easy to install while there’s also a huge do-it-yourself culture in the US, we can see why that happens. As always, we will quickly distinguish the main benefits and disadvantages of this type of roofing as well as mention some other popular types of shingle.

Great price for a great shingle roof!

This is the cheapest material suitable for roofing you you can find on the market. That’s due to the material’s ease of production and availability. Asphalt is very universal composite material that is used to surface roads, airport runways, parking lots, dams and other industrial objects. Therefore there’s always a good supply from local manufacturers. Separate roofing shingles are removable which makes it easy to repair and allows skipping the maintenance entirely. Plus, asphalt shingles are lightweight, fire-resistant, energy-efficient, and very variable in their style. You can always create unique look for your home by selecting color, shingle shape, and modification. Asphalt can even mimic wood or metal to make it look fancier. However, this type of roofing degrades quickly from the frost of heat stress which is the main reason we can’t recommend it for too cold or hot regions. It is also restricted to some roof shapes such as a flat roof design.

traditional shingles installation

Other shingle roofing options

As an alternative, you can always consider wooden, metal or ceramic shingles for your residential or commercial buildings. Wooden profile, such as cedar, provides genuine and cozy look along with some other benefits like environmental friendliness and natural air-circulating abilities to make your attic breathe. From the other side, it has relatively short lifespan due to its biodegradable characteristics which is also the reason for the lack of fire resistance and high maintenance requirements. Wooden roofs are also harder to install and generally more expensive than asphalt. Metal shingles are the most universal since they fit both flat or steep rooflines, the most durable and nature-resistant but are noisy, expensive, and difficult to repair.

It really depends on the taste and many other factors to select the right material or profile. But if you’re in search of solid roofing contractors in University City, Philadelphia or simply trying to come up with the idea of what is best for your building, feel free to contact us any convenient way.

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