The most popular choice of USA

Cedar roof has been a popular choice in the US for a long time. The tradition of using cedar wood in construction roots in ancient Middle East where this material was considered a luxury resource and was often a subject of conflicts between local tribes and later – states. Luckily, in North America there are plenty of renewable cedar forests to make this material a reasonable choice for roofing. Despite this fact, cedarwood is not considered affordable.

cedar roof in University City

Pros and cons of using cedar roof


There are plenty of benefits that attract customers across the States:

  • Both red and white cedarwood types are known for their exceptional looks. Cedar shingles provide a more smooth look while cedar shakes make the roof look thicker and rougher in texture. This wood ages elegantly changing its color to silvery-grey patina while not losing its protective features.
  • Cedar is a lot more durable wood compared to cheaper pine or spruce. It provides much better thermal insulation for better energy saving, air conditioning, and stability.
  • Thanks to its weight, cedar roofing systems are a good choice for windy or stormy areas. Plus, it withstands extreme weather conditions such as frost during winter or burning heat on summer way better than, for example, asphalt shingle.
replacement of cedar roof


However, there are also important restrictions to consider:

  • One of the biggest downsides of cedar roofing is its cost. This roofing solution is expensive in both installing and maintenance. It requires professional approach and special tools to build while regular cleaning is a must to preserve and extend its lifespan.
  • Cedarwood is vulnerable to mildew, rot, and sometimes suffer from pests in high-moisture areas.
  • As well as every wood, cedar is a highly-flammable material unless it’s covered with special fire-resistant chemicals.
  • Unlike metal roofs and high-quality asphalt profiles, cedarwood will in most circumstances not withstand more than 20 years of lifespan.

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