Fiberglass windows are relatively new to the market and the technology is yet to be simplified in production in order for this type of windowing to successfully compete with more popular and cheap vinyl systems. However, choosing between these two might be a challenging task because there are important benefits that make fiberglass unique. So let’s find out why you should consider switching to fiber!

fiberglass windows installation

Why you should install Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is much lighter than other typical materials used in construction. It weighs 70% less than aluminum, 30% less than steel and copper while being much more durable and stable. This allows making thinner window frames and is even more beneficial for large windows. Compared to metals and vinyl systems, fiberglass is multiple times more practical in thermal insulation which will save you big-time especially in cold seasons. This system requires close to none maintenance as it is highly resistant to scratches and is durable to extreme weather conditions, unlike vinyl windows that need regular calibration. Fiberglass is an eco-friendly material that has low environmental impact during production.

fiberglass replacement in university city

Why you shouldn’t install Fiberglass Windows

The biggest and the most notorious reason not to is its price. Fiberglass installation usually costs 10-20% more than the regular vinyl frame. If you decide to switch over to this system, you’ll also have to wait significantly longer time until your windows are manufactured. This is due to the complexity of fiberglass production as each order is custom. Plus, it widely reported that unlike its insulation abilities, this type of windowing tend to leak on the sides which will require using additional sealants.

Considering the facts, we highly recommend our customers to choose fiberglass windowing over regular vinyl or wooden profiles as its benefits easily overlaps the downsides. However, installing such a system will require professional approach and experienced installers to ensure the work is done right. If you’re in search of a reliable fiberglass windows contractor in University city, PA or want to know more about the technology, feel free to contact us any convenient way!

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