What is metal roof?

Metals were common materials in construction and manufacturing for thousands of years. Since then many things have changed: technology has improved, reliability increased, and the price has lowered. Today metal roofing option is considered one of the best price-quality ratios industry can offer, as evidenced by its popularity and testimonials. This type of roofing is valued for its durability. Many manufacturers provide a 50-year warranty for metal profiles because modern metal alloys are light, solid, resistant to weather effects and natural deterioration. Metals are also compatible with most profile types from shingles to panels and with any styles or color solutions, you might pick.

Metal roofing systems are divided by various attributes such as metal type, profile design, and purpose. Each has its own advantages and looks. There most commonly used metal roofing materials in the US are aluminum, steel, and copper alloys.

metal roof installation

Aluminum is a light-weight and highly resistant to corrosion, salt, sun exposure or moisture. Century ago aluminum was considered a precious metal and often valued more than gold due to its rarity and manufacturing complications. Today it is a common material in construction, electronics, and many other industries, however, it still does not come cheap. Compared to other metal roofing types, aluminum is quite expensive, however, its lifespan can be way longer than steel has if not exposed to mechanical damage risks such as hails or strong winds. Plus, aluminum is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly material.

Steel is a type of metal which is, in fact, an alloy that might feature various impurities. Classic steel is made of raw iron with minor carbon (around 1%) addition. Regular steel can be upgraded further with adding aluminum, zinc, cobalt, nickel and other elements that increase material’s durability for certain conditions. For instance, stainless steel features chromium, silicon, nickel, etc., and is considered the high-end solution for roofing for its strength (it is literally bulletproof), durability, and aging resistance.

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Copper is the choice for real connoisseurs of luxury. Among available roofing metals, it is the most age-resistant and self-contained material. It is natural, recyclable, provides astonishing looks and even gets more durable the more it ages. Obviously, copper is not cheap in every meaning.

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