Stucco removal is a painstaking and challenging task, especially when it comes to exterior walls or high ceilings. In some cases, it might be even more complicated than its installation. Nevertheless, in many situations this is a must-do job before you can proceed with repairing jobs or renovation.

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Why you should ever remove old stucco?

Stucco might look simple on paper, but in reality it requires a specific set of skills, experience, and accuracy during installation. Many homeowners in order to save extra money trust their buildings to unqualified workers or even try to apply stucco by themselves. This is the most obvious reason for structural damages caused by rot and mold. Removing old stucco can reveal those problems so you can deal with them before they do significant damage. The primary signs that your stucco needs repair are cracks, gaps, moisture stains, and mold appearance. So if you notice any of those, contact us as soon as possible to conduct a diagnosis.

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Our stucco removal services

Right after the diagnosis we can calculate the amount of work that need to be done in order to remediate the coating because sometimes there’s no need in removing it completely. From our experience, such studies reveal hidden problems most of the time. For instance, when water seeps into the foundation. Our team of professionals will not only remove and repair the old stucco in short periods of time but also will fix the real issues that cause these problems instead of masking the symptoms. Despite the temptation of doing-it-yourself, it is always a good idea to pass on the work to experienced masters.

Our company makes it real for local customers in University City, PA to have their exteriors or interiors fixed in high-quality and affordable manner. So if you’re in search of a reliable stucco removal contractors, do not hesitate to give us a call!

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